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The Internet Really IS For Business
"Weíve changed the way we work"

Usually, announcing that a Designer has been hired is not big news. But a small Toronto computer manufacturing company hiring someone is an excellent indicator of the Canadian economyís current robust state and the placement of a Designer at Toronto MicroElectronics by The Roberts Team, a Don Mills placement firm, heralds new meaning to "doing business on the ĎNet."

Why? Well, Quang Nguyen, President of Toronto Micro Electronics called The Roberts Team solely because of The Robert Teamís Internet homepage. The call is significant because it means that while all the current talk about doing business on the Internet seems to revolve around small financial transactions and security, businesses in Toronto are meeting each other using the Internet every day.

"I never thought we would get any response" said Bob Roberts, President of The Roberts Team. "We normally use the telephone and fax for our everyday operation. When Tom Brown in our office put the homepage together I just smiled and said it was nice. He got resumes from people all over the world but no paying customers. Then Mr. Nguyen called and told us that he needed a designer. We found the right person and our designer started yesterday. I just didnít have a grasp of what was happening on the Internet."

But when it comes to the Internet, The Roberts Team is not in a "wait and see mode." The result speaks for itself. The Internet can and is being used to do business. Especially small businesses like The Roberts Team and Toronto MicroElectronics. Business will simply have to keep up with this advancement or become left behind on the Information Highway. Bob Roberts says, "Soon people will look at you funny if you donít have email and a homepage, as if you arenít for real."

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