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The GOLD PLAN is our premier service. You will discover the do's and don'ts of job hunting. You are committed to acquiring the skills required to find a new job. As a search firm we would love to have the perfect job waiting for you but that is not realistic. In order to guarantee your success you will need to make a 'job' out of finding a new job.

The GOLD PLAN includes the services provided by our other plans with several added features. A personal interview will provide you the opportunity to learn important skills and techniques which will assist you in your job search. Together we will discuss and develop a personalized strategy for you which you will use to achieve success. We will demonstrate and impart to you the techniques we use everyday in our business.

The fee for the GOLD PLAN is only $125.00. You will receive the following:
An email from us detailing your resume's entry into our database
An unique applicant number which you may use in future contact with us
A comprehensive assessment of your resume
A list of companies suitable to your background (Usually 100-300)
A list of Interview Tips and Job Hunting advice

We will meet you in our office to discuss your career options
You will learn the same techniques we use for finding unadvertised job openings
You will learn how to impress the people that interview you

Please mail a cheque or money-order for $125.00 along with a copy of your resume to:

The Roberts Team
1865 Leslie St., Suite 206
Don Mills, Ontario
M3B 2M3

We will contact you to arrange an appointment in our office.

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