The Roberts Team Info For Foreign Applicants


Applicants from outside Canada

We work hard to provide our client companies with very specialized service. In order to introduce a candidate to a client company we have to have some record of Canadian work experience or U.S. work experience in a similar industry. In addition to this the applicant must have a valid visa to work in Canada.

In order for us to introduce you to a client company you must meet these requirements. In Canada it is the client company that pays the placement fee. We are not allowed to charge an applicant a fee for placement services. However we will provide you with the tools necessary to conduct a job search on your own.

Our suggestion for foreign applicants who have no Canadian work experience but are in the process of obtaining an immigrant or work visa is to contact potential employers on their own. An introduction by a placement service such as ours actually hinders the chance of a company giving you the needed 'first chance'. The reason is clear and simple. They pay us a fee if they hire a candidate from us. Many years of experience has taught us that they will be reluctant to pay a fee for a candidate with no Canadian work experience. Firms pay us to provide them with candidates who not only have experience in their unique industry but who also have Canadian work experience.

This may not be the best news but don't be discouraged. It isn't hard once one gets to Canada to look up companies that are in a similar or related industry to the one where you have work experience. The next step is to apply to these companies directly. Our SILVER PLAN will provide you with the specific information you need to begin your job search. We will provide you with the mailing address and phone numbers of companies that hire people with your skills. If you have experience building computer accessories, we will send you the address of several hundred firms that do the same thing. On the other hand, if your experience is in a laboratory with food products, you can expect to receive a list of several hundred companies who are in the food business and who also have a laboratory.

It takes diligence and effort but it will pay off!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good Luck!