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The SILVER PLAN includes the features of the BRONZE PLAN plus more!

In order to maximize your success in finding that new job you will likely register with several personnel agencies or search firms like ours. We find that applicants have registered with at least 6 firms in order to 'cover all the bases'.

We know how you feel. You want to maximize your chances of someone finding the right job for you! Many people have felt the same way! That's how we know people register with more than one firm.

Successful people have found that in order to find the right job one must make a 'job' out of finding a new job. There is a level of commitment required in order to be succesful. Most people have their own network of contacts and associates that they will call on during a search for a new job.

Here is where our SILVER PLAN can help you. We will provide assistance beyond simply registering you on our computer system. We will provide you with the tools to begin work on your job search. Then you will be working much more effectively to find yourself a job while having your resume in the hands of professional search firms like ours.

Applicants from outside Canada click here.

The fee for the SILVER PLAN is just $45.00. You will receive the following:
An email from us detailing your resume's entry into our database
An unique applicant number which you may use in future contact with us
A comprehensive assessment of your resume
A list of companies suitable to your background (Usually 100-300)
A list of Interview Tips and Job Hunting advice

Please mail a cheque or money-order for $45.00 along with a copy of your resume to:

The Roberts Team
1865 Leslie St., Suite 206
Don Mills, Ontario
M3B 2M3

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